Almond Oil

The king of oils, almond oil is a nutritional powerhouse that nourishes and hydrates the entire body. This liquid gold is antibacterial, antioxidant and rich in Vitamin A&E. This holy grail of beauty works wonders for your skin. Experience the true luxury of supple skin and nourished body with Multano Almond Oil.

Multano: A Journey from Nature to Natural Cold Pressed Oils

Discover the goodness of freshly extracted oils from the purest ingredients, straight from the lap of nature. Multano's supreme single-press technique allows its oils to retain their benefits and nutritional value. Each bottle of oil is packaged with care to ensure that it retains its premium quality and your family stays nourished. Our wide range of oils contain both, edible and application oils that ensure complete wellness, inside and out. Multano offers you the promise of purity, transparency and genuinity. Experience the taste of transformative health with Multano's tasteful and nourishing oils.


Multano seeks to foster a community yearning for supreme health and wellness without any compromises. Our journey started in the 1950s as Multan Oil Kolhu at Patel Nagar, New Delhi. Since then, we have been producing natural and synthetic free oils that promote the overall health and well-being of our consumers. With decades of trust and love from our customers safely tucked under our belts, we are taking our highly-effective range of oils online. Thousands of our customers swear by our wellness oils that work wonders for them. With humility, we continue to take pride in the fact that our oils have become a predominant choice in the quality market.


Journey of a happy heart starts with a healthy oil. Oils have a considerable impact on your health. It’s important to choose the most heart-healthy oils. Explore Multano’s Cold Pressed Oils which are laden with various nutrients that can aid you keep your heart in good shape and avoid related problems.

Switch to healthy cooking

Almost every food can be made in a healthy way, even fried food. Nutrition-locked cold-pressed oils rather add nutrition to your food. Start your journey to healthy cooking with Multano

Holistic Wellness

Let's discover how cold-pressed oils boost your wellness. Oils are essential for our health in many ways. You just need to choose them as per your body's need. Explore what all Multano has to offer for your wellness! Stay aware, Stay Healthy!

Beautiful Skin from within

Get bright, supple and flawless skin with natural properties of Multano cold-pressed skin oils. Innumerable beauty products use cold-pressed oils as a major ingredient. Choose only a pure and natural source for beautiful skin. Explore elixirs of beauty oils.


Nourishing your hair with oil is just like nourishing your body with food. Cold pressed oils are a brilliant source of nourishment for hair. Multano provides a wide range of cold pressed oils that will put an end to all your hair woes and can give you healthy, happy and lustrous locks.


Nothing takes away the stress and revitalizes your mind and body as a relaxing oil massage. And using the right oil can make all the difference. Reinvigorate every cell of your body with a relaxing massage with Multano’s Cold Pressed Oils.

Stories From Our Customers
"We've added it to our daily regime. It has sweet flavour so feels good with this healthy lifestyle".
— Ekta
"I used your almond oil for my hair and skin both. Regular use has helped in getting rid of rough and dull hair. And skin looks so fresh. Im so happy with the results."
— Vrinda
"Its relieving getting something pure for my baby's massage. It's so light and beneficial."
— Tanya
"I don't need any other oil for my skin and hair.
Applying on my face overnight and it's never dry now. Worked wonder on under eye also."
— Kiara

Purest Ingredients

We procure the highest quality ingredients from the safest and purest sources.

Organic Extraction Process

We employ state-of-the-art technology to organically extract all of our products without the application of heat to preserve their nutritional and health benefits.

Organically Extracted Nutritious Oils

The quality of our oils is unmatched in the industry. Extracted with organic techniques and great care, all of our products are 100% natural, unaltered and unfiltered.