Multano seeks to foster a community yearning for supreme health and wellness without any compromises. Our journey started in the 1950s as Multan Oil Kolhu at Patel Nagar, New Delhi. Since then, we have been producing natural and synthetic-free oils that promote the overall health and well-being of our consumers. With decades of trust and love from our customers safely tucked under our belts, we are taking our highly-effective range of oils online. Thousands of our customers swear by our wellness oils that work wonders for them. With humility, we continue to take pride in the fact that our oils have become a predominant choice in the quality market.

It’s a time when finding the best and trusting the rest is tough.

Aiming to provide you with a one-stop shop, our time-tested manufacturing practices produce the finest line of products for your mind, body and soul. Explore our widely coveted, quality-focused range of cold-pressed oils that are produced with a blend of conventional and state-of-the-art technology.

In Transparency, We Believe!

Multano strives to deliver ‘Sheer Purity’ at your doorstep. We believe in transparency being more than just a mere claim. 

Only Purity Prevails!

At Multano, we ensure that only authentic ingredients and efficacious formulations are used to create our edible, beauty and wellness oils. Our supreme quality sets us apart in the market that is crowded with false claims and fake products. We source our high-quality raw materials from the best dried fruits’ vendors across India and ensure that they are free of artificial colours, preservatives and petrochemicals.

You Name it, We Have it!

For a super healthy mind and body, Multano carries an exhaustive range of oils that are high in quality and effective in use. Eat it for immunity and vitality or apply it for ultra smooth skin and nourished hair. Be it almond, coconut, mustard, sunflower, castor, flaxseed, kalonji, olive or others, Multano has got you covered. 

We Will Not Stop Here!

In our continuous endeavour to explore and create, we value our customer's feedback. Feel free to write to us with your review, requirements and queries.