Why Choose Multano?

Ans: Having started our journey from Multan Oils, our customers continue to choose us despite many other brands available in market today. We, at Multano, ensure only the best ingredients are used that results in Best quality end product. Multano, is carrying forward the legacy and bringing its organically extracted quality products online to provide only the pure and unadulterated products manufactured.

Is Cold Pressed Oil Better Than Hot Pressed / Refined Oil?

Ans: Refined oil is processed using chemicals which is definitely not an healthy option. Hot pressed oil is extracted using heat to extract maximum oil from the seeds. However this high heat destroys nutrients present in seeds. On the other hand, in cold pressed technique for oil extraction no chemicals are used at all and heat is maintained below 45 degree throughout the process so as to ensure maximum nutrients are retained. This makes cold pressed oils better suited and ideal to consume..

Why Is Cold Pressed Oil Pricier Than Other Oils?

Ans: Since Cold pressed oils are extracted using single pressing technique keeping the temperature below 45 degree. In this process machine is churned at a slow speed throughout, to maintain the low heat. This results in maximum amount of nutrients but less quantity of oil as compared to other techniques of oil extraction. This important step of getting most of nutrients causes its price to be a little on higher side. Refined oils on the other hand are cheaper not just because of heat used which causes more oil production but also because of chemicals added to increase shelf life..

What Payment Methods Do You Accept?

Ans: We accept all standard Debit Card, Credit Card, UPI and Net Banking method. We also offer COD on all our products.

Cold Pressed Onion Oil

Is Onion Oil Good For Hair Growth?

Ans: Onion Oil adds volume to hair and makes it look thick and lustrous.

How Helpful Onion Oil Is For Hair?

Ans: Onion hair oil is one of the most valued hair products in recent times. It nourishes the scalp, promotes hair growth and strengthens hair roots.

Is Onion Oil Good For Beard Growth?

Ans: Onion Oil provides the beard with the exact right nutrients needed for its growth and strength.

Are There Any Side Effects Of Onion Oil?

Ans: Take a patch test before using Onion Oil.

What Are The Properties Of Onion Oil?

Ans: There are multiple skin and hair benefits of Onion Oil. It treats acne and pimple spots, and makes the skin soft. It provides hair with rich supplements and keeps the pH level maintained.

Cold Pressed Moringa Oil

Does Moringa Oil Slow Down The Aging Of The Skin?

Ans: Moringa Oil is rich in Vitamin C and slows the signs of aging. It improves the cells beneath and promotes healthy skin.

Can I Apply Moringa Oil Daily On My Face?

Ans: Moringa Oil brings out the natural glow of the skin. Before going to bed, take 4-5 drops of this oil and apply gently on your face. You can do this 3 days a week.

Can Moringa Oil Heal Skin Breakout?

Ans: Highly rich in anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, Moringa Oil heals the skin and brings back the natural skin color in case of pimples or acne.

What Are The Benefits Of Moringa Oil?

Ans: Moringa Oil can be an essential part of your daily life once you start applying it on your skin and hair. It works wonders. It cleanses and moisturizes the skin and enriches the quality of hair.

Is Moringa Oil A Good Moisturizer?

Ans: Packed with Vitamin A, C and E and essential minerals, Moringa Oil is a good moisturizer.

Cold Pressed Khas Khas Oil

What Are The Benefits Of Khas Khas Oil?

Ans: Khas-Khas Oil has cooling properties and is considered as one of the essential oils for the summer season. You can apply this Oil on your skin, face and hair.

Can I Use Khas Khas Oil For Hair Massage?

Ans: Khas-Khas Oil works as a great lice repeller when used on the scalp. You can use this Oil to massage your hair to keep it strong and shiny.

What Are The Properties Of Khas Khas Oil?

Ans: Recognized by its distinct woody, smokey and earthy aroma, this authentic Ayurvedic oil makes a great addition to skin care routine.  It will improve the blood circulation in the hair follicles, prevent hair infections and rejuvenate dull and lifeless hair.

What Makes Khas Khas Oil Unique?

Ans: Very few Oils are cool in nature and Khas-Khas Oil is one such Oil. It calms, cools and soothes the skin. Hence, it is an ideal Oil for summer.

Cold Pressed Walnut Oil

Can I Use Walnut Oil As A Moisturiser During The Day?

Ans: Walnut Oil can be used as a moisturiser for your skin. Due to the presence of Vitamin E and Omega 3 fatty acids, the oil deeply moisturises the skin and helps retain your skin's hydration. The oil is also rich in Vitamin B, which provides glowy and soft skin.

Can Walnut Oil Reduce Age Spots?

Ans: The walnut oil helps to reduce age spots. The presence of Vitamin B and antioxidants in the oil will prevent your skin from premature ageing. And the presence of Vitamin E helps reduce signs of ageing and provides a holistic moisturisation to your skin.

Does Walnut Oil Reduce Acne Or Skin Inflammation?

Ans: Due to Omega 3 in the oil, it helps to reduce acne and prevents any further growth of acne in your skin. The topical application of walnut oil helps to reduce and prevent skin inflammation. It also helps in treating psoriasis.

Is Walnut Oil Good For My Hair?

Ans: The presence of Vitamin E and Omega 3 fatty acids helps regrowth of the hair and reduces dandruff. The walnut oil has antifungal, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, which helps to prevent hair loss.

Cold Pressed Groundnut Oil

Can I Use Groundnut Oil On My Skin?

Ans: Yes, you can apply the Multano Groundnut Oil to your skin. It is 100% pure and contains all the nutrients. Applying the Multano Groundnut Oil can help you reduce skin conditions like rashes, eczema, scaly skin, etc.

Is Groundnut Oil Good For Cooking?

Ans: Yes, Multano Groundnut Oil is good for cooking. It has a smoke point of 437 (225) which is considered very high, and it makes the oil safe for cooking.

What Are The Nutrients Present In Groundnut Oil?

Ans: Groundnut oil is very rich in Vitamin E and acts as an antioxidant to the human body. Multano Groundnut Oil contains healthy nutrients like Oleic Acid, Omega 9, Monounsaturated and Polyunsaturated Fat and zinc.

Can I Use Groundnut Oil To Reduce Or Control Diabetes?

Ans: The level of Polyunsaturated fat is more in groundnut oil than the level of saturated oil. The consumption of such polyunsaturated fats helps in improving insulin secretion that eventually helps your body to keep the sugar level low. Using Multano Groundnut Oil will help in controlling diabetes and other health issues perfectly.

Is Groundnut Oil Good For The Heart?

Ans: Multano Groundnut Oil is rich in Vitamin E and Monounsaturated and Polyunsaturated fat which helps in maintaining heart health. Studies have shown that the use of such oil can help in lowering the risk of heart attack and also protecting the body from free radicals.

Cold Pressed Yellow Mustard Oil

Can We Use Multano Mustard Oil For Cooking Purposes?

Ans: Multano Yellow Mustard Oil has enhanced aroma and taste than the usual Mustard Oil. It retains the original flavor of the food and thus stands as one of the best oils for cooking purposes.

What Is The Difference Between Mustard Oil And Yellow Mustard Oil?

Ans: The color of the seeds makes all the differences. Also, Multano Yellow Mustard Oil is rich in taste and aroma.

What Are The Benefits Of Multano Yellow Mustard Oil?

Ans: To count a few benefits- It promotes skin and hair health, helps in protecting the heart, treat cold symptoms, and reduce the growth of cancerous cells.

Is It Okay To Consume Multano Yellow Mustard Oil Regularly?

Ans: Multano Yellow Mustard Oil helps maintaining cholesterol level in the body, it also serves rich taste and smell, and thus  it is an excellent choice consuming it on daily basis.

Which Oil Is Better Multano Yellow Mustard Oil Or Multano Black Mustard Oil?

Ans: Both the oils have amazing benefits, but Yellow Mustard Oil stands above Black Mustard Oil when it comes to the standards of taste and aroma.

Cold Pressed Almond Oil

How Is Multano Almond Oil Different?

Ans: Multano Almond Oil has extraordinary benefits. It retains the goodness of almonds and thus nourishes, hydrates, tones, heals, fades scars, reduces skin problems, and helps in keeping dark circles at bay.

Can Multano Almond Oil Regrow Hair?

Ans: If you are facing hair loss, you should switch to Multano Almond Oil. Massage your scalp twice a week for better blood circulation. This will help in strengthening your scalp and regrow your baby hair.

When To Apply Multano Almond Oil On The Face?

Ans: Before retiring for the day and going to your bed to sleep, take few drops of Multano Almond Oil on your palm, and massage lightly. The ideal time to apply this Oil on your face is night.

Can We Use Multano Almond Oil As A Makeup Remover?

Ans: Almond Oil is the best natural makeup remover. It easily removes all the traces of makeup, leaving your skin with extremely beneficial nutrients. Despite being an Oil, it does not clog your pores.

Can Multano Almond Oil Cure Dark Circles?

Ans: Rich in antioxidants and Vitamin E, Multano Almond Oil is best to lighten your dark circles. It also reduces puffiness. Gently apply Almond Oil using your ring finger tips around your eye and see the magic happening.

Can We Give Multano Almond Oil To Children?

Ans: Yes, you can give Multano almond oil to children as it is a great immunity booster and sharpen their memory. A teaspoonful twice a day regularly is suggested regime for them to get the benefits.

Cold Pressed Sunflower Oil

Can I Use Sunflower Oil For Cooking?

Ans: The Multano Sunflower Oil is completely made from tiny sunflower seeds. This sunflower oil has a smoke point of 450 degrees Fahrenheit and has a slightly nutty flavour. You can use Multano sunflower oil in cooking like for sautéing, stir-frying, deep-frying and baking purposes.

Is Sunflower Oil Good For The Heart?

Ans: The Multano Sunflower oil contains 80percent monounsaturated fat, which helps in maintaining a good heart health. Moreover, the impressive fatty acid helps to maintain the balance of your body. The Multano Sunflower oil does not contain saturated fat and thereby helps to control the sugar level of the body.

Can I Use Sunflower Oil For Patients At Home?

Ans: Multano Sunflower oil does not contain any saturated fat that makes your body lethargic. Instead, the sunflower oil with unsaturated fats helps to boost the energy level. Consumption of Multano sunflower oil will also help to discharge glycogen into the bloodstream from the liver resulting in improving the immunity system and acting as an energy booster.

Cold Pressed Apricot Oil

Does Apricot Oil Enhance Skin Glow?

Ans: Apricot Oil provides soft skin and it helps in enhancing the natural glow of skin.

Does Apricot Oil Have Anti-Aging Qualities?

Ans: Apricot Oil is one of the best oils for anti-aging properties. This Oil lowers the skin sagging and reduces fine lines.

What Are The Benefits Of Apricot Oil For Skin?

Ans: Apricot Oil is rich in Vitamin C and E and thus works wonders for skin.

What Are The Benefits Of Apricot Oil For Hair?

Ans: Apricot Oil moisturizes the scalp and strengthens the hair follicles

Cold Pressed Black Mustard Oil

Can I Use Black Mustard Oil For Cooking?

Ans: Yes, you can use Multano Black Mustard Oil for cooking. In North and East India, black mustard oil is used majorly as a cooking oil. We obtain the oil using the cold-pressed method keeping all its nutritional aspects intact. It is free from chemicals and has a very high smoking point.

Can I Use Black Mustard Oil On Chemically Treated Hair?

Ans: Multano Black Mustard Oil is rich in nutrients as it is drawn using the cold-pressed technique. Massaging your scalp and hair with warm mustard oil can help you manage your chemically treated hair and ensure hair health.

Can Black Mustard Oil Reduce Fine Lines And Age Spots?

Ans: The topical application of Multano Black Mustard Oil helps in reducing signs of ageing. Use it in a very small quantity to avoid skin irritation. However, we would always recommend you do a patch test with the mustard oil before applying on the entire skin.

Does Black Mustard Oil Aid In Hair Growth?

Ans: Multano Black Mustard Oil helps in hair growth. The best way to achieve that is to massage your scalp regularly using this oil. Our Black Mustard Oil is rich in antioxidants, selenium, natural fatty acids, and minerals, which helps in nourishing the scalp and hair.  This oil helps maintain the scalp and hair health, and it also reduces premature greying of hair.

Does Black Mustard Oil Darken The Skin?

Ans: Multano Black Mustard Oil is 100% pure, and it can be used to massage your skin regularly to reduce tan. This oil is good for lightening the skin tone and making the skin free of dark spots and blemishes. However, we would recommend you perform a patch test before applying the mustard oil to your skin.

Cold Pressed Malkangani Oil

How Does Malkangani Oil Promote Overall Well Being?

Ans: According to Ayurveda, Vata governs all the movement and actions of the body and nervous system respectively. Malkangani oil helps in balancing Vata in your body to promote overall well-being.

Does Malkangani Oil Increase Memory Power?

Ans: Malkangani Oil improves the retention power of the human mind and keeps the mind alert.

Is Malkangani Oil Good For Skin And Hair?

Ans: When it comes to skin-related diseases, Malkangani oil is the ideal tonic. Known as a hair tonic, the application of Malkangani oil on the scalp reduces dandruff and promotes hair and scalp health.

 Does Malkangani Oil Improve Concentration?

Ans: Malkangani Oil works as a brain booster and improves concentration power and retains the memory.

Cold Pressed Kalonji Oil

Can I Use Kalonji Oil On My Skin Everyday?

Ans: Yes, Kalonji Oil can be used on the skin every day as the oil is rich in antioxidants. Kalonji oil provides healthy, youthful, and glowing skin. You can apply the oil directly to your skin or can mix it with other oil and apply it to your skin. Can keep it for 5-10 mins or can remove it after overnight application. The application of Kalonji Oil or Black Seed Oil helps to reduce fine lines, inflammation, and wrinkles of your skin and moisturises the skin from its core.

Does Kalonji Oil Reduce Acne?

Ans: Yes, Kalonji Oil helps to reduce acne. The Kalonji Oil is antibacterial in nature, and therefore when applied to the skin, it fights skin infections and prevents acne formation. In fact, a diluted version of Kalonji Oil applied to your skin daily will help to reduce the growth of acne. It will make your skin appear clean and clear and provide your skin with an even moisturised tone.

Can Kalonji Oil Good For Skin And Hair?

Ans: The Kalonji Oil possesses certain significant medicinal properties, which is good for hair health quality. Warm some Kalonji Oil and massage it evenly on your scalp and hair a few hours before shampoo, or you can leave the oil on your scalp overnight for holistic absorption. The next morning wash it off with cool or normal water. Such a procedure is a good hair therapy for reducing dandruff and frizziness. Improves hair texture quality, the volume of your hair and softens the hair.

Is Kalonji Oil Safe For Direct Consumption?

Ans: Yes, you can make direct consumption of Kalonji oil. The kalonji oil is a powerhouse of many important medicinal properties.

Cold Pressed Sesame Oil

Is Multano Sesame Oil Good For Hair?

Ans: Multano Cold Pressed Sesame Oil is great for hair. You can apply it to your scalp once a week for better results. It helps in making your hair strong, smooth and provides better growth and shine.

What Makes Multano Sesame Oil Unique?

Ans: Multano Sesame Oil is cold pressed and packed with highest nutrients. It has medicinal properties. It promotes good health and helps in burning belly fat.

What Are The Benefits Of Sesame Oil For Health?

Ans: Highly rich in antioxidants, vitamin E, and the right ratio of omega-3, omega-6, and omega-9 fatty acids, Sesame Oil works miraculously for health. It helps to reduce blood pressure, improve hair, add a glow to the skin, and heal wounds.

Is Cold-Pressed Multano Sesame Oil More Beneficial Than The Ordinary One?

Ans: Multano Cold Pressed Sesame Oil is definitely healthier as compared to refined Sesame Oil. Refined Oil loses most of its nutritive value when exposed to heat and other refining processes. Thus, Multano cold-pressed Oil, organically extracted using single press technique, is the clear winner.

Rose Water

Can I Use Rose Water Before Stepping Out In The Sun?

Ans: Yes, you can use rose water on the facial skin before stepping out in the sun. Rose water contains antioxidants that protect the skin from cellular damage. It hydrates the skin optimally and also helps in balancing the pH level on the skin. Its anti-inflammatory properties help the skin soothe when you expose the skin to harsh sun rays. 

Is Rose Water Good For Treating Acne?

Ans: Rose water has been in use for ages to treat acne. The anti-inflammatory properties of rose water help the skin reduce its puffiness. It also has astringents, so regularly using it on the skin will help you cleanse the skin, tone it, dry out the extra oil level, and tighten the skin pores. It will reduce the chances of acne formation by stopping the pores from getting clogged.  It also has antibacterial and antiseptic properties. Rose water also helps in balancing the pH level on the skin.

Please note, for some people, the presence of astringents may irritate the skin. We suggest you a patch test.

Can I Use Rosewater In A Face Pack?

Ans: Yes, you can use rose water in your face pack. Rose water is anti-inflammatory in nature. It also has antibacterial properties. It is also antiseptic in nature. Using it in your face pack will soothe the skin, keep it hydrated, balance the pH level, and also nourish it optimally.

Does Rose Water Act As A Sunscreen?

Ans: Rose water is not known to act as a sunscreen. But you can surely use it on the skin to keep it hydrated and also soothe the skin from irritation due to excessive sun exposure.

Can I Apply Rose Water Directly On Wounds?

Ans: Yes, you can use rose water on wounds. Take a ball of cotton, dab it with the rose water, and clear the affected area. Rose water has powerful antibacterial and antiseptic properties, which allows it to heal wounds. If there are any small cuts, scars, or burns on the skin, you can clean the area with rose water to faster healing.

Please note, if your wound is deeper, we suggest you seek medical advice for the same.

Cold Pressed Coconut Oil

Who All Can Use The Multano Coconut Oil?

Ans: Multano Coconut Oil can be used by everyone as it is 100% pure. This oil is obtained organically from the white flesh of dried coconuts through the single-press technique at room temperature. You can use Multano coconut oil for massaging your scalp, body, and also for removing makeup. You can also use this oil on young children for different purposes.

Is Multano Coconut Oil Suitable For All Hair Types?

Ans: Multano Coconut Oil is 100% pure as it is organically drawn from the white flesh of fresh coconuts. It doesn’t contain any chemicals like parabens, silicones or any artificial fragrances. So, our Multano Coconut Oil is safe and you can use it on all hair types.

Can I Use Multano Coconut Oil On My Dyed/Chemically Treated Hair?

Ans: Yes, you can use the Multano Coconut Oil on dyed hair as it does not contain any chemicals. Even if you have chemically treated hair, you can use our Multano Coconut Oil for nourishing your locks and add shine to it.

Can Multano Coconut Oil Reduce Hair Fall?

Ans: Multano Coconut Oil is rich in Vitamin E, Iron, and Vitamin K. It is also a powerhouse of Healthy Fatty Acids which is good for hair health. Massaging your scalp and applying the oil on the hair strands will infuse all the goodness of the oil and increase the blood flow on the scalp and eventually help in reducing hair fall. It is best to warm the Multano Coconut Oil through the double boiler method before applying it to the scalp and hair.

Does Multano Coconut Oil Contain Artificial Fragrance?

Ans: No. Multano Coconut Oil does not contain any artificial fragrance.

Does Multano Coconut Oil Contain Parabens, Silicones, And Mineral Oils?

Ans: No. Multano Coconut Oil is 100% pure and it does not contain any chemicals like Parabens, Silicones, or Mineral Oils.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

What’s So Unique About Multano Olive Oil?

Ans: Multano Cold Pressed Olive Oil is a powerhouse of vitamins and minerals. It’s rich texture and unmatchable aroma will fuel your body with the freshness of olives.

How Is Olive Oil Good For Health?

Ans: Olive oil has numerous proven health benefits. It helps in lowering the risk of cardiovascular diseases, obesity, Type 2 diabetes, hypertension and gives protection against brain disorders, and age-related diseases. Olive oil is known to potentially reduce the risk of stroke by 40%!

Can We Use Multano Olive Oil In The Salad?

Ans: Salad must always be presented with a dressing. This helps the morsel in stepping down to your gut in an easy manner. The ideal oil for dressing salads is extra virgin Olive Oil.

Can Olive Oil Grow Eyelashes?

Ans: When it comes to hair growth, Olive Oil works wonders. It enhances the quality of hair and makes the scalp strong. Out of the very few other oils that work significantly on Eyelashes as well, Olive Oil is one such remarkable oil that genuinely helps in growing the eyelashes

Can Multano Olive Oil Be Used Instead Of Vegetable Oil?

Ans: Multano Olive Oil has a strong flavor and thus delicacies prepared at high heat should not be cooked in it. However, it is best for salads and cooking foods on medium flame.

Cold Pressed Pumpkin Oil

Does Regular Application Of Pumpkin Seeds Oil Improve My Skin?

Ans: Pumpkin seeds oil is known to treat skin inflammation and acne. Regular topical application nourishes the skin, increases collagen production, and also heals wounds. It makes the skin youthful and radiant.

Can I Use Pumpkin Seeds Oil As A Moisturiser?

Ans: Pumpkin seeds oil has been used for topical application on the skin for ages. It can optimally nourish the skin. Regular application of pumpkin seeds oil on the skin helps the nutrients penetrate the skin surface and increase its moisture level. It also helps in balancing the oil on the skin and does not create any greasy residue building. So, you can apply pumpkin seeds oil regularly to moisturise the skin.

Does Pumpkin Seeds Oil Reduce Signs Of Ageing?

Ans: Pumpkin seeds oil is known for its anti-ageing properties. This oil is a good source of Vitamin C and Vitamin E, which act as an antioxidant by reducing the free radicals. Pumpkin seeds oil supports collagen production, which in turn helps the skin to retain its elasticity and firmness.

Does Pumpkin Seeds Oil Make My Skin Oily?

Ans: Pumpkin seeds oil does not make your skin oily as it is easily absorbed by the skin. It also balances the oil level on the skin by providing moisture to an area where it is lacking and controlling it in an area where it is ample. The Vitamins and minerals present in pumpkin seeds oil nourish the skin and keep it well hydrated.

Cold Pressed Castor Oil

Can I Use Castor Oil Directly On My Hair?

Ans: Yes, you can directly add castor oil to your hair. Castor oil is the ultimate ingredient for getting smooth, nourished, and healthy hair. Warm the oil and gently massage it on your scalp. After two hours, wash your hair with shampoo and then use a conditioner. Usage of castor oil improves the blood flow in the scalp leading to healthy hair growth.

Is Castor Oil Good For Reducing Dandruff?

Ans: Yes, indeed, castor oil is one of the prominent oils for treating dandruff. Its antibacterial and antifungal properties treat dandruff, and usage of the oil once a month will help reduce the growth of dandruff, leaving behind healthy, shiny, and smooth hair.

Can I Use Castor Oil As A Moisturiser?

Ans: Castor Oil is a natural moisturiser. It is rich in ricinoleic acid, which is a monounsaturated fatty acid. These types of fatty acids act as humectants and can be used to moisturise your skin. The actual work of humectants is to retain the skin's moisture by preventing water loss through the outer layer of the skin. Castor oil often finds its usage in cosmetics to retain hydration levels.

Is Castor Oil Safe For Direct Consumption?

Ans: It is suggested to intake castor oil directly but in a minimal amount. Due to its potency, the oil is never used for cooking purposes. You can directly use it on the skin to get relief from joint pains and menstrual cramps.

Cold Pressed Neem Oil

Is Neem Oil Beneficial For Skin-Related Problems?

Ans: Neem Oil has antimicrobial, anti-fungal, and antioxidant properties, hence they are good for skin-related problems.

Is Neem Oil Good For Hair?

Ans: Neem Oil strengthens the scalp and keeps the hair thick and shiny.

Does Pouring Neem Oil On The Belly Button Cure Acne?

Ans: Neem Oil contains antioxidant properties and is highly rich in Vitamin E. Applying it on the belly button reduces the acne and pimple spots.

Does Neem Oil Remove Scar Marks?

Ans: Yes, Neem Oil slowly replenishes the scar marks.

Is Neem Oil Really Helpful To Cure Dandruff?

Ans: Yes. Neem Oil prevents the itching of the scalp and cures dandruff due to its antifungal properties.

Cold Pressed Flaxseed Oil

Can I Use Flaxseed Oil For Cooking?

Ans: It is better not to use flaxseed oil for cooking. This oil has a lesser smoke point compared to other cooking oil. So, it may form harmful compounds when you expose it to high heat. But Flaxseed oil can be used for dressing salads, as dips, or in sauces.

Can I Consume Flaxseed Oil Directly?

Ans: Yes, you can consume Flaxseed oil directly to smoothies, shakes as a dressing for salads or as dips or in sauces.

Does Flaxseed Oil Remove Tan On The Skin?

Ans: Flaxseed oil is rich in Omega 3, 6, 9, Vitamin K, and Vitamin B. All these properties help to make your skin healthy and youthful. Massage the flaxseed oil gently on your skin. Applying it regularly on the skin helps to reduce skin inflammation, tan or skin blemishes, and dark circles.

Does Flaxseed Oil Help In Hair Regrowth?

Ans: The flaxseed oil is rich in Omega 3, which promotes beautiful and healthy hair growth. The presence of Vitamin E in the Oil treats hair loss and also stimulates hair growth. The Lignans present in oil act as powerful antioxidants resulting in the regrowth of healthier and nourished hair.