The history of walnuts and their best-known derivative - walnut oil - has ancient roots. Its benefits have been known since the 7th century B.C. Walnut oil has a myriad of benefits, but where most of us fail is understanding how to use cold pressed Walnut oil.  Walnut oil is as different and beneficial as its famous counterparts, in fact, more luxurious. Apart from food, walnut oil also benefits skincare and overall health. Below mentioned are a few ways which best describe how to use cold-pressed walnut oil and its benefits. 

Cold-pressed Walnut oil can be used as a drizzle over many preparations, such as on top of seared fish, pasta, roasted vegetables, cheese plate, or fruits. The drizzle of walnut oil tastes rich and buttery with a little hint of bitterness to it. Its smooth texture and aftertaste leave a gentle version of walnuts on your tastebuds. The cold-pressed nature of the oil makes it the least bitter because the walnuts are never heated, hence keeping it subtly bitter. It also adds a taste dimension to your palette when used as a substitute. Not more than a tablespoon of walnut oil in your vinaigrette is required for an earthy, nutty flavor. The use of walnut oil or its blends which include refined walnut oil, for sautéing vegetables gives some extra flavor. This would work for adding nuancé to a range of flavor profiles, from Asian dishes to French and Mediterranean. While sautéing or cooking in this oil, it is imperative to remember that it becomes bitter when heated and leaves a not-very strong but subtle bitter aftertaste. The use of this oil needs to be done with a lot of precision and care, especially when added to foods which could be cooked over heat at any point. Cold-pressed walnut oil has a fabulous subtle bitter taste, but if heated, it becomes astringent, so it is recommended to keep the heat low or use it at the end so that the exposure to the heat is minimal. Many times it also adds a somewhat savory flavor to desserts. This oil can be your last-minute secret weapon to jazz up your meal.  

Cold pressed Walnut oil might have a greasy texture, but its regular application will help not only to fight wrinkles but also ageing. Its anti-fungal properties help to fight off fungal infections and dreaded skin troubles like psoriasis. It can be applied topically or added to the bath to nourish and benefit the skin. With a preference for aromatherapy and massage therapy, this oil soothes the skin because of its moisturizing properties. Due to its easy absorption by the skin, it also relieves the pain caused by diseases like arthritis.

For the beautiful tresses we all dream of in this polluted world, Cold pressed Walnut oil can be your savior. Filled with omega-3 that prevents hair damage and helps fight hair loss, its excellent moisturizing properties help in preventing dandruff and protect your scalp from getting dry and flaky, hence preventing dandruff. Because of it being rich in potassium, it also promotes hair growth since potassium is essential for the regeneration of cells. 

Cold pressed Walnut oil helps in the reduction of cholesterol in the body. It also helps prevent cardiovascular diseases by boosting the functionality of blood vessels. Walnut oil helps to reduce belly fat and can be used as Substitute since it helps the body fight its craving for fats. It also helps resolve issues like insomnia and ensures a good rest at night. It contains constituents like melatonin which helps promote and regulate your sleep, hence being suitable for people with irregular sleeping patterns. 

Cold pressed Walnut oil has many benefits, but because of it not being so talked about, unlike olive or coconut oil, people are unaware of its properties and uses. We, with this little attempt, are trying to bring into focus oils such as walnut oil which will benefit you and improve not only your health, hair, and skin but also your tastebuds. 


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