As olive oil is packed with fat-soluble Vitamins such as  E, A, D and k, antioxidants and hydrating squalene it works well for hair and skin.

Cold pressed olive oil which is packed with many health promoting properties is proven to be rich in hair-strengthening and rejuvenating qualities. It moisturizes the hair and makes them silky and dandruff-free. Olive oil is quite beneficial in conditions like hair loss, scalp irritation, dryness and damage due to pollution or dry weather.

Cold Pressed Olive Oil for Hair:

  • Moisturizes the Hair: Cold-pressed olive oil is rich in moisturizing characteristics and makes the hair shine. It has advantages for hair that have become dry and dull due to pollution or dry weather. Vitamin E in olive oil protects the keratin in hair, by sealing in the moisture. 
  • A good substitute for hair conditioners: Regular use of olive oil on your hair will result in smooth, frizz-free, and lustrous tresses. Apply olive oil as a serum on washed, towel-dried hair, this helps to seal moisture and control the frizz. 
  • Olive oil hair spa helps to nourish the hair and the scalp while nourishing them.
  • Deep nourishment for the hair roots: Olive oil helps to keep in the moisture nourishes the roots and promotes hair growth. 
  • Treats dandruff: Dandruff develops in the dry and irritated scalp, which can also cause acne. Olive oil helps to revitalize your scalp and you can say goodbye to scalp irritation and dandruff. 
  • Removes split-ends and provides luster and strength to weak hair strands. Damaged hair become prone to developing split ends. Split ends due to poor hair health may lead to thinning and loss of hair. Rubbing olive oil through the hair after hair wash. This way it will lock the moisture in, provide strength to weak hair strands and prevent split ends.

  • It is extremely important that you buy the right olive oil for your hair. A cold-pressed organic olive oil is ideal as it retains more nutrients during the process of extraction. cold-pressed olive oil contains no harsh chemicals to damage your hair. 

    Cold Pressed Olive Oil for clear shiny skin:

    Cold pressed extra virgin olive oil is high in phenolic compounds, which have antioxidant properties. These compounds help to prevent damage to the skin cell caused by pollutants outside and free radicals (toxins) in the system. Olive oil can be used topically along with its use in cooking in order to keep the skin healthy.

    1. Protects skin from bacterial infections: Vitamin A present in olive oil promotes the production of sebum by the oil glands in the skin. Sebum helps to protect the skin from bacterial infections.
    2. Helps in wound healing: In research, scientists observed that topical application of olive oil increased the production of collagen fibers and accelerated wound healing of full-thickness skin wounds.
    3. Improves blood circulation to the skin making it glow: The phenolic compounds in the olive oil help to improve blood circulation to the skin by scavenging the free radicals in the blood. Proper circulation provides proper nutrition to the skin and gives it a healthy glow.
    4. Protects skin cells from damage: Selenium present in olive oil works with vitamin E to protect cells from damage. Antioxidant vitamin E, present in extra virgin olive oil protects the skin from external harmful elements such as sun rays and air pollutants.
    5. Olive oil as a moisturizer: Olive oil is rich in essential fatty acids. Therefore, olive oil based moisturizers are light in texture and are non-sticky. That is why they are suited to all skin types and have a long-lasting effect.
    6. Olive oil the best cleanser: Olive works well in removing the dead skin cells without harming the skin. It is also used to remove the makeup. It helps to soften the skin around eyes too.
    7. Treating Acne: Vitamin E in olive oil helps in curing acne by killing the bacteria on the skin. It also shields the skin against diseases like psoriasis.
    8. Anti-aging oil: olive oil being a storehouse of vitamins and antioxidants, helps to restore skin cells, prevent sagging and delay the process of aging. It helps clear the wrinkles from the skin, making it look toned, young and beautiful. 

    Olive oil, therefore, can be used as a natural moisturizer as it contains essential fatty acids. It also helps to keep the skin hydrated and prevents it from getting dry during winters while making it supple and lustrous. 

    Olive oil can also be used to moisturize rough, cracked heels, as it helps to retain hydration in. Also, if you wish to grow longer and stronger nails use olive oil on the nails. It also helps to soften the cuticles. 

    Ms Sunita Roy Chowdhury, Senior Nutritionist, Dietician and Nutrition Educator 
    Healthynudgez and Guiding Stars Open Learning Academy,
    Under the banner of SS Guiding Stars Pvt. Ltd.


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