Assorted Health Pack for Skin, Hair & Body

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This Pack Contains || Cold Pressed Coconut Oil 220ml, Cold Pressed Almond Oil 100ml, Cold Pressed Castor Oil 50ml


Cold Pressed Coconut Oil -
Coconut oil is a wholesome health aid that has endless positive impacts on your body. It boosts brain and heart functions, controls blood sugar, promotes fat loss, nourishes your hair and skin and leaves you glowing.
It is also a great addition to your diet to promote overall health from within. Packed with healthy fatty acids, powerful antioxidants, essential nutrients and vitamins. From being a flavourful addition to dishes to a nourishing choice for topical application, Multano’s Coconut oil keeps you healthy in every way.

Cold Pressed Almond Oil -
For centuries, Almond oil has been used in ancient Chinese and Ayurvedic practices to soothe the skin and treat skin conditions, minor wounds and cuts. This liquid gold is antibacterial, antioxidant and rich in Vitamin A&E.

This holy grail of beauty treats acne, improves skin complexion and tone, heals and protects from sun damage, reduces signs of ageing, moisturises skin, fades scars, nourishes and conditions hair. Its regular usage helps in maintaining healthy cholesterol levels and improving your memory.

It’s a great immunity booster!

Experience the true luxury of supple skin and nourished body with Multano’s Almond Oil.

Cold Pressed Castor Oil -
Castor oil is renowned for its medicinal and beautification properties. Its anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and moisturizing effects treat acne, fight fungal infections and dandruff. Castor oil has hair growth increasing properties. It is also a triglyceride that prevents skin infection, improves localized blood flow, and sheds damaged skin cells. Rich in essential fatty acids that are nourishing for the skin and body, Multano’s Castor oil is the perfect addition to your makeup vanity. Castor oil is widely acclaimed for its laxative benefits. It has been traditionally used to stimulate digestion and relieve constipation. Its high levels of ricinoleic acid, an omega-9 fatty acid, help in acting as a natural laxative.


Coconut Oil
• Flavourful addition to dishes
• Boosts brain and heart functions
• Controls blood sugar level
• Increases good cholesterol
• Nourishes your hair
• Helps boost skin health
• Promotes fat loss and overall health
• Antioxidant and contains essential nutrients and vitamins

Almond Oil
• Helps improve memory
• Helps maintain cholesterol level
• Treats acne
• Improves skin complexion and tone
• Helps reverse sun damage
• Reduces signs of ageing
• Moisturises skin
• Fades scars with time
• Nourishes and condition hair
• Perfect for baby massage
• Boosts immunity
• Antibacterial and antioxidant
• Rich in Vitamin A&E

Castor Oil
• Treats acne
• Fights fungal infections
• Reduces dandruff and promotes hair growth
• Reduces dandruff
• Prevents skin infection
• Improves localized blood flow
• Sheds damaged skin cells
• Stimulates digestion
• Relieves constipation
• Acts as a natural laxative
• Nourishes the skin and body

Coconut Oil

Obtained from the flesh of dried white coconuts, this super oil is a blend of healthy fatty acids. A flavourful addition to dishes to a nourishing choice for topical application, Multano’s Coconut oil keeps you healthy in every way.

Almond Oil

The king of oils, almond oil is a nutritional powerhouse that nourishes and hydrates the entire body. It's a perfect partner and a must have vanity for taking care of your supple and glowing skin as well as for strong and nourished hair. Experience the true luxury of supple skin, beautiful locks and nourished body with Multano Almond Oil.

Castor Oil

Made from the seeds of the castor plant, Castor oil is a common ingredient found in most beauty products. Rich in essential fatty acids that are nourishing for the skin, hair and body, Multano’s Castor oil is the perfect addition to your makeup vanity.


Who All Can Use the Multano Coconut Oil?

Multano Coconut Oil can be used by everyone as it is 100% pure. This oil is obtained organically from the white flesh of dried coconuts through the single-press technique at room temperature. You can use Multano coconut oil for massaging your scalp, body, and also for removing makeup. You can also use this oil on young children for different purposes.

Is Multano Coconut Oil Suitable for All Hair Types?

Multano Coconut Oil is 100% pure as it is organically drawn from the white flesh of fresh coconuts. It doesn’t contain any chemicals like parabens, silicones or any artificial fragrances. So, our Multano Coconut Oil is safe and you can use it on all hair types.

How is Multano Almond Oil different?

Multano Almond Oil has extraordinary benefits. It retains the goodness of almonds and thus nourishes, hydrates, tones, heals, fades scars, reduces skin problems, and helps in keeping dark circles at bay.

Can Multano Almond Oil regrow hair?

If you are facing hair loss, you should switch to Multano Almond Oil. Massage your scalp twice a week for better blood circulation. This will help in strengthening your scalp and regrow your baby hair.

Can I Use Castor Oil Directly On My Hair?

Yes, you can directly add castor oil to your hair. Castor oil is the ultimate ingredient for getting smooth, nourished, and healthy hair. Warm the oil and gently massage it on your scalp. After two hours, wash your hair with shampoo and then use a conditioner. Usage of castor oil improves the blood flow in the scalp leading to healthy hair growth.

Is Castor Oil Good For Reducing Dandruff?

Yes, indeed, castor oil is one of the prominent oils for treating dandruff. Its antibacterial and antifungal properties treat dandruff, and usage of the oil once a month will help reduce the growth of dandruff, leaving behind healthy, shiny, and smooth hair.