Multano Cold Pressed Yellow Mustard Oil Combo

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Yellow Mustard oil has a relishing aroma and is loaded with most sought-after nutrients for promoting your overall health. Multano’s Yellow Mustard oil is prepared by organically extracting the goodness of yellow mustard seeds through our single-press technique without the application of heat to retain the oil's nutrients and it’s superior quality.

Nutrition Facts:
Beta-carotene, protein,
iron, calcium,
unsaturated fatty acids and minerals.


Indians have been using Yellow Mustard oil for cooking and beautification for centuries. Its aroma and flavour elevates any dish and can be used for frying, marinating or grilling. Popular for massages, Multano’s Yellow Mustard oil helps in reducing inflammation and joint pain. If consumed regularly over a period of time, it is highly effective in slowing cancer cell growth and promoting overall health. Multano’s Yellow Mustard Oil provides deep conditioning and increases hair growth and also helps hydrate and nourish the skin.


• Perfect Cooking Oil with high smoke point
• Promotes Hair & Skin Health
• Helps in reducing inflammation
• Alleviates joint pain
• Highly effective in slowing cancer cell growth, if consumed regularly
• Promotes overall health

For Body —

Rich in unsaturated fatty acids and minerals, Yellow Mustard oil is considered one of the healthiest oils in the kitchen. It enhances the taste of traditional dishes and with a high smoke point of around 480°F (250°C), it’s an ideal choice for high heat cooking methods like frying, roasting, marinating, baking and grilling.

For Skin —

Its thick consistency and richness in Vitamin E helps in opening up skin pores and stimulating the sweat glands. Once a week, take some warm oil on your palms and massage your body to lighten pigmentation spots and improve skin complexion.

For Hair —

Revered for its capability to promote hair growth and health, Multano’s Yellow Mustard oil has a high content of essential fatty acids that will work a miracle on your scalp. Once a week, mix it with an equal portion of olive oil and massage it into your scalp. Wash it off after an hour of application to reinvigorate your hair and add moisture to your tresses.


Can we use Multano Mustard Oil for cooking purposes?

Multano Yellow Mustard Oil has enhanced aroma and taste than the usual Mustard Oil. It retains the original flavor of the food and thus stands as one of the best oils for cooking purposes.

What is the difference between Mustard Oil and Yellow Mustard Oil?

The color of the seeds makes all the differences. Also, Multano Yellow Mustard Oil is rich in taste and aroma.

What are the benefits of Multano Yellow Mustard Oil?

To count a few benefits- It promotes skin and hair health, helps in protecting the heart, treat cold symptoms, and reduce the growth of cancerous cells.

Is it okay to consume Multano Yellow Mustard Oil regularly?

Multano Yellow Mustard Oil helps maintaining cholesterol level in the body, it also serves rich taste and smell, and thus it is an excellent choice consuming it on daily basis.

Which oil is better Multano Yellow Mustard Oil or Multano Black Mustard Oil?

Both the oils have amazing benefits, but Yellow Mustard Oil stands above Black Mustard Oil when it comes to the standards of taste and aroma.