Assorted Health Pack for Skin, Hair & Body

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This Pack Contains || Cold Pressed Yellow Mustard Oil 900ml, Cold Pressed Yellow Mustard Oil 900ml, Cold Pressed Coconut Oil 500ml


Cold Pressed Yellow Mustard Oil -
Indians have been using Yellow Mustard oil for cooking and beautification for centuries. Its aroma and flavour elevates any dish and can be used for frying, marinating or grilling. Popular for massages, Multano’s Yellow Mustard oil helps in reducing inflammation and joint pain. If consumed regularly over a period of time, it is highly effective in slowing cancer cell growth and promoting overall health. Multano’s Yellow Mustard Oil provides deep conditioning and increases hair growth and also helps hydrate and nourish the skin.

Cold Pressed Coconut Oil -
Coconut oil is a wholesome health aid that has endless positive impacts on your body. It boosts brain and heart functions, controls blood sugar, promotes fat loss, nourishes your hair and skin and leaves you glowing. It is also a great addition to your diet to promote overall health from within. Packed with healthy fatty acids, powerful antioxidants, essential nutrients and vitamins. From being a flavourful addition to dishes to a nourishing choice for topical application, Multano’s Coconut oil keeps you healthy in every way.


Yellow Mustard Oil
• Perfect Cooking Oil with high smoke point
• Promotes Hair & Skin Health
• Helps in reducing inflammation
• Alleviates joint pain
• Highly effective in slowing cancer cell growth, if consumed regularly
• Promotes overall health

Coconut Oil
• Flavourful addition to dishes
• Boosts brain and heart functions
• Controls blood sugar level
• Increases good cholesterol
• Nourishes your hair
• Helps boost skin health
• Promotes fat loss and overall health
• Antioxidant and contains essential nutrients and vitamins

Yellow Mustard Oil

Yellow Mustard oil has a relishing aroma and is loaded with most sought-after nutrients for promoting your overall health.

Coconut Oil

Obtained from the flesh of dried white coconuts, this super oil is a blend of healthy fatty acids. A flavourful addition to dishes to a nourishing choice for topical application, Multano’s Coconut oil keeps you healthy in every way.


Can we use Multano Mustard Oil for cooking purposes?

Multano Yellow Mustard Oil has enhanced aroma and taste than the usual Mustard Oil. It retains the original flavor of the food and thus stands as one of the best oils for cooking purposes.

What is the difference between Mustard Oil and Yellow Mustard Oil?

The color of the seeds makes all the differences. Also, Multano Yellow Mustard Oil is rich in taste and aroma.

Who All Can Use the Multano Coconut Oil?

Multano Coconut Oil can be used by everyone as it is 100% pure. This oil is obtained organically from the white flesh of dried coconuts through the single-press technique at room temperature. You can use Multano coconut oil for massaging your scalp, body, and also for removing makeup. You can also use this oil on young children for different purposes.

Is Multano Coconut Oil Suitable for All Hair Types?

Multano Coconut Oil is 100% pure as it is organically drawn from the white flesh of fresh coconuts. It doesn’t contain any chemicals like parabens, silicones or any artificial fragrances. So, our Multano Coconut Oil is safe and you can use it on all hair types.

Can I Use Multano Coconut Oil on My Dyed/Chemically Treated Hair?

Yes, you can use the Multano Coconut Oil on dyed hair as it does not contain any chemicals. Even if you have chemically treated hair, you can use our Multano Coconut Oil for nourishing your locks and add shine to it.

What are the benefits of Multano Yellow Mustard Oil?

To count a few benefits- It promotes skin and hair health, helps in protecting the heart, treat cold symptoms, and reduce the growth of cancerous cells.