Oils have always been a part of our lives since our childhood, let it be the late-afternoon head massage, the post-work back massage, or the mouth-watering home cooked meals we crave every day.

Even today, consumers around the world consume oils in more than multiple ways. They have been used for their nutrition, flavor, and the vitamins and minerals they provide to our body and hair.

So why not be sure that you get the best of all the nutrition that the oil can potentially provide.

This can be achieved by switching to cold-pressed oils from the more commonly used oils. The process of cold pressing retains all the nutrition and nourishment that the oil can provide. Instead of heating, it is pressed at a significantly lower temperature and therefore does not undergo excessive treatment or contain unnatural chemicals.

Cold-pressed oils for skincare

Cold-pressed oils such as almond and apricot oils work wonders on the skin and are a must-have in your daily skincare routine. Since they're packed with vitamins A and E and contain natural saturated fats, your skin retains all the necessary moisture, preventing dryness; while being light on the skin. It hydrates and reduces the stress on the skin preventing wrinkles and fine lines. Doctors and dermatologists also recommend using only the best and most nutritious oils.

Almond oil for your skin

The use of almond oil has been in practice for a significantly long time and cold-pressed almond oil is inarguably the best almond oil for skin.

It moisturizes your skin effectively because of the quick absorption properties of the almond oil.

It is light and non-sticky and therefore does not feel heavy or greasy when you use the oil for moisturizing your skin.

Because of its antioxidants and healing properties, it also helps in healing minor cuts, acne scars, and even stretch marks. In fact, even doctors recommend women to massage themselves to prevent dryness, stretch marks, and itchy skin.

Since it also has anti-inflammatory properties, it makes an ideal solution to fight puffiness under the eyes and under-eye dark circles.

It also radiates the glow of the skin as it opens up the clogged pores, making tough and stubborn spots and dead skin easy to tackle and get rid of.

Almond oil is also known to be used as one of the best natural makeup removers. It clears out all the makeup from the skin with ease, leaving your face rejuvenated and radiant.

Apricot oil for your skin

The light-on-skin, cold-pressed apricot oil, also known as the Khubani Oil, is the best apricot oil for the skin. This miraculous oil has been used in India for centuries and for various purposes.

It is widely known and used for its antiseptic, antibacterial, anti-aging, and healing properties which help in improving skin tone maintaining its softness giving your skin a satin-like finish and a radiant glow. It strengthens the skin, leaving it soft, supple, and fragrant with fresh apricots.

The presence of essential fatty acids like omega6 and omega9 keeps the skin nourished and hydrated. These also act as a natural barrier for your skin and provide protection from deteriorating forces that are common in our daily lives in India like pollution, dryness, and dust.

It also contains vitamin-A which is known to protect your skin against the damage caused by the UV rays. It also controls the production of oil on the skin while clearing out the pores, thereby preventing acne.

For a person living in urban and ever-changing weather and harsh conditions of India, Apricot oil is a blessing and cold-pressed apricot oil is undoubtedly the best skin remedy in India because of its acne-preventing, cleansing, and rejuvenating properties.


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